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Free Angry Animals Game

free angry animals game

Free Angry Animals Game help the angry animals to get rid of the aliens by propelling them at the alien dwellings to make them fall down on top of the alien creatures and crush them. Use your mouse to grab and hold the slingshot to propel the free angry animals game characters and hit the dwellings to make them fall down on top of the aliens. You can change the angle and depending upon how far you pull back on the slingshot you will get more or less distance. There are no sign-ups or membership needed to play, just come and play as much as you want. The free angry animals game uses the flash plug-in of course. If you are skilled enough you may be able to beat all 27 levels of free angry animals game. Enjoy playing the free angry animals game which is a copyright of its developer.

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Sorry, you will need the Flash Player to play Free Angry Animals Game.